Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

It is the lymphatic system's job to get rid of waste and excess fluid in our bodies. It is a one-way system that does not have its own pump, like your heart or lungs. As part of the lymphatic system, the lymph nodes produce, store, and release immune cells responsible for repairing tissue and support the immune system by fighting infection. Without proper movement, your lymph system can become congested, and swelling can occur, leading to infection and inhibit the healing of tissues. Lymphatic drainage uses gentle motions to stimulate the movement of lymph through the body. This helps to detoxify, prevent swelling, relieve pressure and stimulate the production of T-cells. T-cells enhance the functioning of the immune system by fighting infection.

Lymphatic drainage is ideal for patients who are pregnant, recovering from pregnancy, an injury, and people who had one or more lymph nodes removed. Recovery from cancer treatment and autoimmune disease patients can benefit from lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage is recommended for patients who have recently undergone surgery, to decrease recovery time and help prevent post-op complications. Lymphatic drainage can stimulate the immune system and increase resistance to illness, by helping to detoxify the body.

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